As our Manifesto makes crystal clear-

we exist to help organizations & businesses

of all types and sizes

Sustainably Improve Performance .

We do so through FOCUS

on the CORE of all performance-

Human Performance .

Electrical Industry

From the largest merchant generators on the planet, to multi-state transmission & distribution, to construction & modification, to local co-ops…

From Nuclear, to Fossil, to Gas, to Wind & Solar Generation...

We’ve helped huge organizations and not-so-huge organizations break records in Safety, Reliability, Capacity, and Team Member Retention.

Shipping & Transportation

Addressing the “Human Element” is an emerging Top Focus of “Big Oil” and other multi-national industries transporting their wares around the globe.

We’ve been honored to work with the largest Ship Management Organization on the planet and to serve the industry to help create resilient, adaptable, sustainable, and ever-improving Safety, Reliability, Efficiency, and Productivity.


In an industry currently being ‘hammered’ from all sides, key to the future is the ability to (1) attract new talent, (2) retain existing talent, and (3) overtly IMPROVE Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, and Safety. Those who do will thrive and dominate.

We’ve had the opportunity to help & influence many top industry players in the Refining, Fuels, and Petro-Chemical Manufacturing arenas.


No other industry is facing challenges like Medical- from political pressures to regulatory issues…from attracting & maintaining Team Members to ever-increasing financial pressure.

Maximizing and retaining your current Team while minimizing medical error & mistakes are essential.

We’ve worked with Joint Commission and some of the biggest names in the medical arena. Our Founder, Tim Autrey, has delivered seminars at the Mayo Clinic and Stanford Medical School.


As manufacturing continues its march from what ‘was’ into autonomous operations, robotics, and AI- the potential adverse impact of front-end human error grows exponentially.

Attracting and retaining talent is tougher than ever. The financial and ‘social’ costs of mistakes can be devastating. A WIN-WIN work environment offers your platform for improving performance on all fronts.

We’ve helped manufacturing enterprises around the globe understand and embrace the benefits of growing a Culture of one team, with one goal, having one conversation.

Construction. Modification, and Testing

Those in Construction, Modification, and Testing incessantly face many of the greatest challenges to Human Reliability- changing conditions, uncertainty, develop-as-you-go guidance, shifting or conflicting client demands, and multiple points of contact & approval.

We’ve worked with many of the largest (and some of the smallest) construction, modification, and testing organizations across North America, helping reduce mistakes while retaining talented Team Members and building a Culture of efficiency, resiliency, and adaptability.

Law Enforcement

No other industry is facing challenges that parallel those bombarding Law Enforcement. In our current climate, it’s imperative that Team Member morale, Sense of Purpose, and Commitment to what is right and just are grown from within the Department or Agency.

We’ve had the honor of working with Law Enforcement Professionals from Federal Agencies to Counties and Municipalities- helping minimize the potential for Officer Error while growing a Team Culture of cohesive strength and resolve.

Small Business

If you’re like most, you decided to start and operate your business for two reasons- (1) to pursue your passion and make a difference, and (2) to have a sense of freedom.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of small business owners discover that rather than owning their business…it owns them.

Many discover their ‘sense of freedom’ to be quite elusive in the face of internal disagreements and personality conflicts, challenges acquiring and retaining dedicated staff, and Team Member mistakes- which cause clients & customers to be...less-than-elated.

We’ve helped small businesses build strong Teams, reduce mistakes by up to 65%, elevate customer happiness, and increase profits by 35%.

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