Assessing Your Culture

What underlying factors

within your work culture

are promoting mistakes?


Know your starting point.

Identify and isolate current work environment and work culture issues that are making it more likely for you and your team members to make mistakes. Directly target these areas as you move forward to improve performance.


The PPI Culture Profile™ identifies the spectrum of error-likeliness across five aspects of your current work culture. It taps Human and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop quantitative metrics and qualitative insights with which to most effectively launch and sustain your Performance Improvement and Culture Transformation efforts.


Looking for a snapshot assessment of cultural and systemic Areas For Improvement (AFIs)? TOROID™ stands for Targeted Organizational Risks & Opportunities IDentification. It's designed to identify and provide "quick hit" resolution in specific areas of challenge.

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Founder of PPI, Tim Autrey has dedicated his professional life to helping make our world BETTER and SAFER by helping others focus on the core of sustainable improvement.

If you're new to Principle-Based Performance Improvement™, Tim's books offer a great beginning to your journey...