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6-Hour Safety Culture

Tim Autrey's international bestseller, which tells the PPI story- how it developed, how it works, and how to use Principle-Based insights, strategies, and tools to rapidly improve performance & transform culture.


The 7 Natural Principles of Human Performance

Tim Autrey's next book, detailing the AI-validated discovery of the 7 Principles underlying team member choices, actions, and behaviors- your pathway to sustainable Performance Improvement.


The 7 Natural Principles of Human Performance

The handful of Principles that govern WHY people do

WHAT they do the WAY they do it.

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Next-Generation Performance Improvement

In spite of everything we’ve learned, most organizations still find themselves riding a roller coaster of potentially conflicting metrics and KPIs.

The significant problems of today simply CANNOT be solved using the same level of thinking that created them.

This Report identifies and details...

  • A history of performance improvement

  • Common sense regarding the (4) things EVERY organization seeks

  • Latest Research regarding people performing at work

  • Achieving BALANCE: How to lower costs while raising performance levels

Insight for Leaders:

7 Deadly Myths About Culture Change

Most contemporary thought paints “changing culture” as extremely difficult & overwhelming- as something that takes a long…long…time.

And, if you’re talking about changing the culture of a dysfunctional society, this can certainly be true.

When it comes to transforming work culture however, our experiences of having worked with and influenced well over 100,000 Team Members and their Leaders on 5 continents proves the whole "hard," "overwhelming," and "l-o-n-g" thing to be totally NOT true.

This Special Report details the 7 Myths you MUST mentally overcome to begin the [rapid] Transformation of Your Work Culture.