Error Reduction Tools

Simple mechanisms for

directly countering

human tendencies

to make mistakes

Uncompromising use of these tools drives human error

to lowest-possible levels of frequency & severity

People make mistakes. These Tools minimize the potential.

These are the same Human Performance Tools used by US commercial generation and aviation to dramatically reduce human error. We've crafted the format and user platforms that make it fast, simple, and easy for you to get these Tools into day-to-day operations, and most inspire your team members to USE THEM.


Uncompromising use of these tools by your team members will drive the incidence of human error to lowest possible levels. The Tools are available in handbooks built for tough work environments, as well as in a web-based App that works across all devices. Available in English and Spanish.


Your companion to the Tools Handbook/App, the Leader's Guide provides the insights you need, including rollout
of the Error Elimination Tools™, specific behaviors to observe, and methods for inspiring your team members to use them (even when no one's watching).


Perfect for Doing It Yourself (DIY), as well as for ongoing reinforcement following implementation, this suite provides a complete set of Team Briefings for the (6) Error Elimination POWER Tools, including PowerPoint files, discussion guides, and training videos for each one.


Whether you're seeking to do this yourself or to partner with us on some level- we've got you covered!

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