Error Reduction System

Tools, Apps, PowerPoints, Videos, and Facilitation Guides for integrating the Error Elimination Tools™

and for inspiring your team members to USE them

(even when no one's watching)...

What's Included...


Error Elimination Tools™ Leader's Guide

The Leader's Guide provides the insights you need for integrating the tools, behaviors to observe, and methods for inspiring your team members to use them (even when no one's watching). [Value- $49]


PPI Error Reduction Leader Briefing Set

Perfect for Doing It Yourself (DIY), as well as for ongoing reinforcement following implementation, this suite provides a complete set of Team Briefings for the (6) Error Elimination POWER Tools, including PowerPoint files, discussion guides, and training videos for each one. [Value- $529]


Error Elimination Power Tools™ Video Series

The Error Elimination Tools™ only reduce mistakes when team members USE them. Each of the 6 videos in this series (1 for each Power Tool) engages and entertains...inspiring your team members to WANT to use the Tools. [Value- $129]


Tools Handbook

First developed by Tim Autrey, these handbooks have been helping organizations like yours minimize mistakes for over two decades. You'll receive your personal physical copy of the latest English version of the Error Elimination Tools™ Handbook. [Value- $8]


Tools App Access for 10 Team Members

You'll receive (10) licenses for the English version of the Error Elimination Tools™ Web App...enough so that each member of your team has personal access. The App works on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) [Value- $55]

PPI Error Reduction System

Total Value- $770

ONLY $199

Where to start...

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