Performance Improvement

YOUR Way...

Whether you're looking for Insights, Apps, & Tools to move forward on your own, or are looking for a partner to help you...or even do it for you...we've got you covered!

Where to start...

We exist to help you make our world better and safer through your workplace. If you're new to Principle-Based Performance Improvement™, we recommend you begin here:


6-Hour Safety Culture

Tim Autrey's international bestseller, which tells the PPI story- how it developed, how it works, and how to use Principle-Based insights, strategies, and tools to rapidly improve performance & transform culture.


The 7 Natural Principles of Human Performance

Tim Autrey's next book, detailing the AI-validated discovery of the 7 Principles underlying team member choices, actions, and behaviors- your pathway to sustainable Performance Improvement.


Resources & Tools for Doing It Yourself (DIY)

Materials, tools, and insights with which to understand, develop, implement, and lead Principle-Based Performance Improvement™ (PPI) within your team and across your organization.

-Learning & Development-


Human Performance iLearning

24/7 online learning in the basics of Principle-Based Performance Improvement™- for you and for team member onboarding, intro, and/or refresher training. Certificate included.


Human Performance Made Simple

Your introductory step-by-step
instruction, strategies, and tools for engaging your team, reducing mistakes, improving safety, and transforming your culture.


Human Performance Leadership Masterclass

Tim Autrey's signature 24/7 online course in Principle-Based Performance Improvement™ for leaders at all levels. Certification and PDH available.



Your ultimate membership portal for Principle-Based Performance Improvement™- a proprietary Success Path, Courses, Training Tools, Team Briefings, and Instructional Videos.



Cost-of-Error Calculator

Quickly calculate how much mistakes are costing your organization. Make a business case for performance improvement by demonstrating clear Return-On-Investment (ROI).


Transformation Conversation (TC)

With your ROI for improving performance now known, the TC will help you clarify WHY you're doing this, anticipate challenges, and identify existing opportunities, and strengths.


Error Elimination Tools App

The PPI Error Elimination Tools™ in a web-based App that works on any device (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) connected to the internet. Available in English and Spanish.


Principle-Based Performance Glossary

The PPI Glossary supports new team member communication and understanding, forming the foundation for growing a culture of One Team with One Goal having One Conversation.



Error Elimination Tools Handbook

Vetted by the US commercial nuclear generation and aviation industries,

uncompromising use of these tools virtually eliminates the potential for making mistakes on the job.


Error Elimination Tools Leader's Guide

A companion to the Tools Handbooks, the Leader's Guide provides info on implementation, specific behaviors to observe, and methods for inspiring your team members to use them.


PPI Error Reduction System

Complete set of Team Briefings for

the (6) Error Elimination POWER Tools, including PowerPoint files, discussion guides, and training videos for each one.


Implementation Guide

Develop your Principle-Based Performance Improvement™ strategy- your guide for implementing your

THINK different®, FEEL different, and ultimately- DO different™ plan.

Want our help?

We will partner with you, synergizing your strengths with ours in a way that best serves your current culture, challenges and constraints to generate greatest sustainable outcomes at lowest cost.


Do It With Our Help (DWY)

A cost-effective approach for rapid deployment and accelerated results. We combine our expertise with yours to kickstart and sustain Principle-Based Performance Improvement™, including Train-the-Trainer Certification & Licensing.


We Do It For You (DFY)

We assess your current culture and develop your most impactful implementation plan. Our Master Facilitators bring forward their expertise and keen abilities to reach the minds & hearts of your team members to provide rapid implementation and sustainable results.

-Resources & Tools for DWY and DFY-

-Live & Online Training-


Human Performance Leadership

Sustainable outcomes (culture transformation) begin at the top. Leaders learn HOW to be powerful influencers and consistent role models. Certificate and PDH available.


Front Line Supervisor (FLS) Development

The FLS is your linchpin for HOW work, tasks, & jobs [actually] get done. This course provides Front Line Principle-Based Leadership™ training, skills, and development.


Front Line Human Performance T&D

Human Performance BASIC Training™ inspires your team members to THINK, FEEL & DO different- to want to do right things in right ways...even when no one's watching.


PPI Champion Team Development

We help you develop a team of internal Champion volunteers that will keep Principle-Based Human Performance™ at the forefront of your organizational performance.


PPI Certification SUMMIT

Your opportunity to develop internal bench strength- Leaders, Champions, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the PPI Method™. Facilitated by Tim Autrey, Founder of PPI.

-Integration Apps-


What's Your Generation Mindset?

Worldviews of up to (5) generations are coexisting in many organizations. Are yours colliding or synergizing? This App reveals the generational mindsets of your team members.


What Type Leader Are You?

Workforce demographics and shifts in society are substantially impacting team member mindsets. Use this App to discover whether you're prepared to lead into the future.




At times, each of us is tempted to deny our accountability, which solves- nothing. The ADMIT It™ App reveals how well you recognize when you're "playing the victim".




Every organization has 'em- A-Players, B-Players, and C-Players. Why continue to put up with C-Players? Use this App as the beginning of the cure- assess yourself & your team members.



Total Access

Working with us as your Performance Improvement Partner can grant you access to all courses, strategies, and tools associated with the PPI Method™ including direct access to Tim Autrey.

-Integration Tools-


Assessing Your Current Culture

Maximizing the effectiveness of your journey begins by understanding your starting point. The PPI Culture Profile™ analyzes your current culture across five key areas of error-likeliness.


Developing Your Implementation Plan

Our experts work with you to craft a transformation plan that will rapidly generate maximum sustainable outcomes with least investment of resources.


Principle-Based Mentoring (PBM)

Coaching & Mentoring are not natural skill sets for most people. PBM provides a simple & profoundly impactful recipe for providing feedback while growing relationships.


Culpability Determination

Culpability is the degree to which someone should be held responsible when something goes wrong. This decision tree provides needed objectivity within a Just Culture.


Predictive Human Performance Measurement

Conventional systems measure historical trends. The PPI Performance Enhancement Matrix™ (PEM) proactively indicates where you are and predicts where you're headed.