Overcoming Gravity...

Your Performance Improvement (Champion) Team

Gravity works. Entropy is real. These forces WILL conspire to stall performance improvement and drag it downward...UNLESS you take action to counter them...

Innovate, Accelerate, & Sustain

Your Performance Improvement Team (PIT)

A team of charged up volunteers…given structured opportunity to contribute their passion, their ideas, and their energies to the cause!  

And because those who do the work have the answers, the initiatives and plans your PIT develops are on-point to generate quick successes that sustain and accelerate your momentum.

There's no better way to overcome the natural forces that cause performance plateaus and diminished outcomes...

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Where to start...

We exist to help you make our world better and safer through your workplace. If you're new to Principle-Based Performance Improvement™, we recommend you begin here:...


6-Hour Safety Culture

Tim Autrey's international bestseller, which tells the PPI story- how it developed, how it works, and how to use Principle-Based insights, strategies, and tools to rapidly improve performance & transform culture.


The 7 Natural Principles of Human Performance

Tim Autrey's next book, detailing the AI-validated discovery of the 7 Principles underlying team member choices, actions, and behaviors- your pathway to sustainable Performance Improvement.