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Next Summit will be announced this fall (2024).

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Alina Ortega Bustamante

Senior Organizational Development

Consultant- Austin Energy

"What I got was pretty much what I learned while earning my Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership, but synthesized in three days."

Improving Performance Today Requires

Levels of Awareness & Understanding

that are DIFFERENT than Ever Before...

Before reading any further, there are 2 terms you should know...

Technocrats: those who focus primarily (or exclusively) on the technicals & metrics of performance, often succumbing to 'analysis paralysis' (aka anal occulitis).

Zealots: those who zealously latch onto the "latest & greatest" program to the exclusion of all else, that is...until the next shiny box rears its head.

Now that I've laid this on the table, if you've tended toward either of these, you need to leave your old-school habits FAR behind. And if you're new to Performance Improvement, FORGET about becoming either of them...

Technocrats & Zealots Are (and Should Be) Extinct

If this seems harsh, consider where your Team Members, Clients, & Customers are coming from...

  • Most couldn't care less about their cognitive control hierarchy, the normalization of deviance, or the underlying intricacies of latent organizational weaknesses [for the Technocrats]

  • The ongoing 'fill & drain' of new programs- the latest sure-to-fix-every-problem program generates frustration, confusion, apathy, and ultimately...resistance. [for the Zealots]

  • Hearing redundant messages, such as 'hand safety training' for the 5th or 6th time, or "Don't forget to STAR" for the 47th time becomes meaningless drivel. [Definition of insanity anyone?]

  • More 'Rules' & 'Tools' are NOT the answer. [Once again- definition of insanity anyone?]

You're likely aware these old-school approaches no longer cut it, which is WHY You're HERE...

So then, WHAT is the SOLUTION?

Understanding & Synergizing Psychology and Technology to create a holistic WIN-WIN-WIN strategy & approach.

Otherwise known as...

What exactly is "Principle-Based" Performance Improvement (PPI)?

PPI leverages Natural Principles to generate sustainable and continually improving WIN-WIN-WIN Outcomes & Results.

To get to the 'heart' of it...

What's the answer to this question?

"When will you, or I, or...anyone...do 'right' things in 'right' ways...even when no one's watching?"

The answer is simple- only when we WANT to.

For example,

When will Team Members wear hearing protection (PPE) when no 'boss' or safety oversight is present? Only when noise levels are so high it causes physical pain, or when they consciously value their ability to hear. In other words...when they WANT to.


When will a Team Member, working alone, with no one else around, actively engage
triggers or thoughtfully self-check?

Only when they feel that use of such tactics and Tools will help them do their job better and/or keep them safe. In other words...when they WANT to.

and yet another example...

When making purchasing or use-of-material decisions, when will Team Members treat company property with thoughtful and conservative care?

Only when they
feel a sense of ownership and accountability to their Team & Organization. In other words (you guessed it)... when they WANT to.

Creating an Environment of DESIRE

When you consider how moment-to-moment choices, actions, and behaviors of your Team Members ultimately determine your organization's Outcomes & Results, the importance of doing 'right' things in 'right' ways for 'right' reasons becomes QUITE obvious.

This is more important NOW than ever before because in today's environment only (2) things truly matter...

  • RESULTS, and


BUT- how can you possibly create a work climate, environment, and ultimately Culture where Team Members FEEL necessary levels of OWNERSHIP and ACCOUNTABILITY...where they
WANT to do right things in right ways for right reasons?

This is where the picture starts to get a little bit clearer...

Principle-Based Performance Improvement™ T-Model

As a Leader or Business Owner, or Safety, Human Resources or Human Performance Improvement Professional, you've likely been biased toward either the 'technical' side or the 'kum-by-yah" side of
Human Performance, 'Team Building', 'Team Learning', Behavior-Based Safety, Organizational Performance, HPI, HOP, HRO...the list goes on and on.

Each of these has merit and is typically well-intended, HOWEVER...

The jury's reached a verdict on all of them: of themselves, at least as they've been deployed and employed with segmented thinking and doing, NONE can or will achieve long-term, sustainable, and continually improving Results & Outcomes.

Think about it...

If you need to move an object and your 'tool' is a piece of rope, using the rope to
pull the object can work quite well. However, try pushing the object using that same rope and the results are quite different.

And yet, whether focusing on Technicals & Metrics or the latest & greatest 'program', MOST approaches for improving performance continue to lunge out of the gate by 'pushing' straight into the light blue sections of the T-Model. (Which is about as effective as pushing on a rope.)In other words, conventional approaches tend to...

  • Dive straight into reducing mistakes and improving metrics with incessant pushing of new (latest & greatest) policies, procedures, checklists, rules, and 'tools' to improve targeted KPIs or measurements

  • Focus on "ZERO" through well-intended slogans and messaging without regard for human fallibility or day-to-day variability

  • Implement & attempt to Scale across the organization, treating Team Members like 'things'- expecting them to 'fall in line' and 'do what they're told' with little (if any) consideration of human nature

Again, while often well-intended, such polarizing efforts will
never achieve sustainable or continually improving results.


Because they omit & bypass understanding of the Human Element.

The ONLY way jumping straight to the implementations cited above can achieve any results whatsoever is through...compliance.

In a compliance-based environment, Team Member choices, actions, & behaviors
can rise to meet expectations. HOWEVER- typically do so only for short periods and/or when someone's watching.

It's human nature!

While reducing mistakes, achieving ZERO Events, and scaling across your organization are necessary and important, answers & solutions for HOW to properly leverage and scale
human nature into sustainable WIN-WIN-WIN Outcomes & Results lies within the other components of the PPI T-Model.

To achieve sustainable performance improvement, you must transform your THINKing and FEELing about human nature, motivation, and accountability (the bottom/vertical part of the T), BEFORE you begin DOing (the top/horizontal part of the T).

If you truly want to maximize your efforts to Improve Performance, whether your primary focus is to improve Safety, Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, or profitability (or any combination of these), you must have an understanding of Human Nature AND develop a FULL toolbelt of Human & Organizational Performance skills.

And the GREAT NEWS is...

You can get all of this in ONE Place in just (4) Days.


PPI Human Performance

Certification SUMMIT

Your Hands-On Opportunity to Learn DIRECTLY from the CREATOR of Principle-Based Performance Improvement™


to earn your Principle-Based Performance Specialist (PPS) CERTIFICATION

Next SUMMIT will be

announced this fall (2024)

Embassy Suites-Brier Creek Raleigh, NC

Tim Autrey

Creator- Principle-Based Performance Improvement™

Founder & CEO- PPI Global, Ltd.

Author- 6-Hour Safety Culture

Host- REPSRadio.com

This Learning Opportunity is hands down, the most comprehensive Performance Improvement Training in the industry today.

We begin by making sure you get crystal clear on the most important part of ANY effort to improve Performance:


And to do that, we kick things off by mastering (4) foundational topics:

  • PRINCIPLES vs Values - WHY this understanding & differentiation is essential in today's environment

  • The CORE of ALL Performance- WHAT to focus upon (and what NOT to focus upon)

  • Individual & Organizational Performance- HOW to powerfully INFLUENCE choices, actions, & behaviors

  • Overcoming Victimization- HOW to move yourself & others from feeling like victims to being Proactively Accountable

After we learn to THINK Different and FEEL Different, you'll then learn HOW to DO Different as we take an in-depth look at the core competencies of Team & Organizational Performance Improvement, including:

  • Human Fallibility

  • ​Understanding & Minimizing Organizational Setups for Mistakes (Traps, Roadblocks, & Landmines)

  • ​​The R-E-F Method for Sustainably Achieving Zero Events

  • Engagement & Alignment of individual WHYs with Organizational WHYs using a Simple 'Recipe' for Honoring & Promoting Initiative & Accountability While Growing Relationships

  • Defense-in-Depth (including Simple Tools for Maximizing Behavioral Defenses)

  • ​​Moving From Learning Into Committed Practice Through Creation of a Code

  • The REPS Dilemma- HOW to Transform the Dysfunction of Conflicting Priorities & Agendas Into a Culture of One Team with One Goal having One Conversation

  • ​Understanding Your Sphere of Influence to Help Make Your Team, Organization, and Ultimately Our World BETTER & SAFER

Specific Case Studies and Examples are used so that you can see how all aspects of PPI synergize to generate long-term, sustainable, and continually improving WIN-WIN-WIN Outcomes and Results.

After participating in the PPI Certification SUMMIT, you'll have the awareness, the understanding, and the tools to effectively LEAD and INFLUENCE into the Future.

Lee Aumend

MS- Psychology

Reedy Creek

"This Course has presented me with the information and the tools I need to change lives in a massive way. This is going to be the next level for our company, not just safety, not just production, but for EVERYTHING.”

The PPI Certification SUMMIT offers your BEST and QUICKEST pathway for achieving your PPS Certification.

Through your participation you will...

Learn directly from Tim Autrey, author of 6-Hour Safety Culture
and creator of Principle-Based Performance Improvement™.

And through your active participation and follow-through you will become a Principle-Based Performance Improvement Specialist who can confidently:

  • IDENTIFY work climate, environment, and cultural issues and know HOW to address them

  • INFLUENCE & INSPIRE A-Players, B-Players, and C-Players alike

  • CREATE a Performance Improvement Strategy and Plan from A-Z for your Team and entire Organization

  • DEVELOP metrics that provide proactive forward-looking insight (rather than historical after-the-fact perspective)

  • LEAD a Team of Performance Improvement Professionals with synchronized & synergized roles

  • COLLABORATE with colleagues & your Leadership Team to craft & deploy a cohesive improvement plan

Principle-Based Performance Specialist (PPS) Certification is your personal & professional competitive edge, opening doorways to bigger & better performance and opportunities.

You will KNOW precisely HOW to implement your newly-honed skills into your existing role(s) and beyond.

What is a PPI Certification?

PPI Certifications tell the world that you understand

and can apply proven strategies in the most

important lever-pulling steps that propel the

Performance of any Team, Business, or Organization.

Top-To-Bottom Insight

Proven Strategies & Playbooks

World-Class Instructors

Resume-Worthy Achievements

Next Summit will be

announced in fall on 2024.

Embassy Suites-Brier Creek Raleigh, NC

Course Details

The PPI Certification Course is the most comprehensive Performance Improvement training in the industry.

The SUMMIT MasterClass encompasses the FULL Principle-Based LEADERSHIP™ curriculum PLUS Deeper-Dive Insights & Strategies to help you become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Principle-Based Performance Improvement™.

In this 4-Day SUMMIT, you'll learn the foundation of PPI's curriculum and get CERTIFIED as a Principle-Based Performance Specialist (PPS)

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