Principle-Based Mentoring

A proactive approach for observing right things and for providing feedback that engages, aligns, and strengthens relationships...

WAY beyond

conventional observation & coaching...

A responsibility of any leader or supervisor is to observe team member job performance and provide appropriate feedback.

Unfortunately, most leaders and supervisors aren't naturally good at doing so.  

Principle-Based Mentoring™ is a simple yet incredibly powerful method for observing work in progress, engaging team members, and providing feedback.  

Interactions serve to align individual whys with organizational whys to help grow a work environment of one team with one goal having one conversation.

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Where to start...

We exist to help you make our world better and safer through your workplace. If you're new to Principle-Based Performance Improvement™, we recommend you begin here:...


6-Hour Safety Culture

Tim Autrey's international bestseller, which tells the PPI story- how it developed, how it works, and how to use Principle-Based insights, strategies, and tools to rapidly improve performance & transform culture.


The 7 Natural Principles of Human Performance

Tim Autrey's next book, detailing the AI-validated discovery of the 7 Principles underlying team member choices, actions, and behaviors- your pathway to sustainable Performance Improvement.